Tuesday, 24 June 2014

6 months already?

Wow! the time have been flying by...

What have been happening in this last 6 months?

- Worked as a Project Manager at Victory Square and still is

- Became a Certified Scrum Master

- Promoted to take care of HR and also taking care of everything to keep the office running

- Going to move away from a building I have been living in for the last 2.5 years

- Been releasing around 20 games and more to come

- Helped Children's Wish Foundation on different occations

Working as a project manager at Victory Squares has been great so far. It has been a bumpy road, which is what happens in a start up. I have learned a lot, things that I'm doing good and things that I need to approve on. Been taking care of 3 small projects which generated 20 games, a proejct with Microsoft and was called "Ultra Casual". Where we made 20 games over a 3 months period. Creating great casual games for the Windows Store Market, also ported some of them to the blackberry market.

Boximals Kuna Forest

Then I have been project manager (and still is) for Boximals: Kuna Forest, which is a kids point & click puzzle adventure game. This will be released within the coming 6 months. I have also attached a pretty picture that you can take a look at.

With different events that happend at Victory Square, we felt that we needed to have one person that is the HR person. Since I was already doing part of that role, for example setting up account and dealing with peoples contract and I also had a good communication with most of the people at the studio. With that we decided that I will be the HR person for Victory Square going forward. We will see how everything will look in the future regarding being able to get someone else to do HR, at the moment, I don't mind it at all.

I will cover the other notes I posted in upcoming posts, over and out, TURTLE POWER!

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