Saturday, 25 January 2014

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam & Socialising

Want to get into the game industry? It’s all about whom you know and whom you don’t know. The last time I have been going on “Informational Meetings”. Essential it’s me contacting people in the industry and asking them to meet for an “Informational Meeting”.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about how to become a great leader, producer and pick their brains. It’s a great way to meet people in the industry and make sure they know you are not their to get a, you are there to connect, exchange information and experience.

The Global Game Jam in Vancouver

I went to the Global Game Jam as a volunteer… don’t take the time in the middle of the night… it’s nothing going on and still a lot of volunteers… next time I will get a team together or join another one and make a game instead. A really cool game jam any way and my friends who were in it really enjoyed it very much.

Started to work for Victory Square Games and are doing part time project management. Working with a team of 4 people on creating 20 small games in 2 months. I’m also being part of the core team creating a kick-starter that will launch in the beginning of February. If the kick-starter goes well, I will be hired and work for Victory Square Games and it’s a great way to get experience in project management, since it’s very difficult to get into the industry with no experience, I have a bit, but it’s not with Project management.

Working with the kickstarter

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