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Jaipur – Trading Card Game for Two

Jaipur – Trading Card Game for Two

It is really hard making a trading card game for two players, usually not to much competition and hard to make it compelling. This is where Jaipur comes in, it’s a trading card game for two players and it’s very fun, have different strategies and a compelling game. I play it at a website called “Board Game Arena”, free to sign up and not any malware or annoying ads, a great place filled with all kind of different card and board games, I recommend “Seasons” and “Hive”. Go there after you finish reading this blog post, else the link will not work or your computer will explode! 

An overview of the game board
Anyhow, lets get back to Jaipur, the game is designed by Sebastien Pauchon from Switcherland and the goal is to win, surprise. You need the most points for two turns, easy piece, nice and easy which makes the game “a best of three format” and each round takes around 5-10 minutes. You start with 5 cards in your hand and with 5 cards on the table, these cards are either camels or various types of goods. If you get camels in your hand, you place them in front of you and now when the games start, you can do two things.

1.     Is to take the face up cards from the table, you can take all the camels, yes all, then replace them with cards from the remaining face down cards to have five face up cards on the table. Or you can take one card and replace it with a new one or you can trade a minimum of 2 cards, trade it with either only goods cards or only camels and the cool thing is that you trade in both camels and goods at the same time, I know, very high tech.

Three things you can do during a turn

2. You can sell cards, you can sell a minimum of one card of the normal gods being leather, cloth and spices or the more expensive you need to sell at least 2, they are gold, silver and diamond. When you sell three or more cards, you receive extra bonus points. When selling cards, you receive extra point tokens, the earlier you trade, the more they are worth, it’s that the market really wants some gods, when feeding the market, they are getting there needs filled. That means that you want to trade them early in the game to receive the most points.

3 cards = low extra points
4 cards = medium extra points
5 cards = a lot of extra points, jumi!

The value tokens for the goods and.. the CAMEL token!

Then it’s your ENEMIES! RIVAL! Or your friend turn and they are able to do the same two things, trade or sell cards.

The round ends when either the extra cards runs out or three of the extra tokens piles runs out. Then you run through one more round too see if you be the one getting two tokens or you might have to play another round too see who wins. Ooooh, I forgot, you get five points if you have the most camels and I love camels. Hopefully you are the one who got the most points and received the winning token, now you need one more to celebrate that you are the most kick ass trader.

I really enjoy this game, played several rounds of it and sitting and writing this, I want to play more. The game is well explained and it’s easy to understand the rule and gameplay and the cool thing is that you don’t really need to know any languish to play it, you can translate the rule book to any languish and then you can play it, since there is no words on the cards, the only thing you need to do is some math, no no! Don’t be alarmed, can you add 5+6+10? Did you get 26? That’s correct! See, you can play this game perfectly.

Winning a game!
What I really like with this game, you can play with different strategies, one is too collect all the common goods and sell them five at a time and that’s a lot of points or get all the expensive once to receive a lot of points for a few cards or just go for the camels… camels… and at the same time you are taking care of the camels… I mean… playing. You have to keep in mind of what the other player is doing and trying to make sure you are not giving him/her all the cool cards they are collecting.

Do I like the game? I hope it has been obvious that I love this game; the game has simple mechanics of trading and selling with some strategies to add and make the game more interesting. It’s of course based on luck as well, sometimes when you take all the camels, all the cool goods show up, but then again you got the camels and you can use them to rule THE WORLD! Same time it’s very strategic, holding of on some resources to block your opponent, trading fast and so much more. Final word would be, play it! 

The winner is... ME! a close run

and if you like it, it cost around $25 and I would say it's worth it, go fetch! 

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