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Game Review - Clumsy Ninja

Game Review - Clumsy Ninja

He has some crazy moves hidden, I can tell you that

I have been playing a Free-To-Play game called “Clumsy Ninja” on iPhone 4 running iOS7, don’t know why you would like to know that, but now you know =) Clumsy ninja is made by Natural Motion Games.

The basic of the Clumsy Ninja is that you are a happy and cute Ninja who got his cute girl kidnap by an EVIL NINJA! Very basic, but hey, it works, lets go and save… We need to train… a lot!  You are the ninjas trainer and you are guided by the old master, heard of it before? Thought so… first time I came across this story… seriously! 

Old man give our Ninja a new belt, he is like a
5year old on a Christmas day, not the old man... silly!
The gameplay is for the most time smooth, you tap on him and he is reacting where you tap him, you tap on his shoulder he gets a “hit” on his shoulder. When you start dragging you will lift/drag his body, head or arms, whatever you get your "finger" on. When you start throwing him around, you can feel a bit bad, but soon forgotten when he is as cute as he is... or you are just like me, a tiny bit mad and likes throwing stuff around... ops, there went moms Christmas present... guess she is getting a puzzle for Christmas and some glue, home made is the best for parents?

 Not even watermelons goes safe, specially combined with a trampoline...

You gain experience by throwing him around, doing simple quests, gain from the bottom icon to the left. Train with various equipment’s like basketball basket, trampoline and watermelon, JUMI! When you level up, you will receive a new belt and this way showing progress in the game. When you are doing training with equipment and quest, you will receive money and with the money you can get followers, new environments and other things.  

Some problems I had playing was to grab the right spot, ex when I wanted to grab right arm, I grabbed his head, which he had to pay with getting thrown over the screen *evil grin*. No matter how many times you throw him, he is still happy and wants more, crazy bastard. The other part is to deal with the 3D space; it’s easy getting left and right, but when going into depth was another story, the it becomes hard to control the ninja, specially when throwing him into the basketball basket, the solution is that you can tell you ninja where to go and with this you can line him up to the right spot and throw him and WIN! if your good, as me, can you do it? 

Free-To-Play? Yes, you have micro transaction, as usual you can get things done faster by using “diamonds” and if you run out, you can of course buy more of them, hurray! Also with the diamonds, you can buy new environments or equipment, but you can do it for coins us well, but buying more coins is more expensive then buying more diamonds. You can still play the game from start to finish, it will take some time, sometime you can get by the repair time by watching an advertisement film or tweet about the game.

The aesthetics of the games looks really great, the character is in full 3D, using rag doll effect combined with animation. Meaning when you push him, the rag doll comes in and starts using math, calculating how strong your push is, how strong the gravity is and then makes the ninja move/fall and then calculate more math to fit a good animation into where the rag doll start to slow down or stops. This works really smoothly and only lagged a couple of times on my iPhone 4 while playing. It's amazing how many different animation that they have included into the game and they look great. The backgrounds fit well with this type of game, have some interaction with the game as well having ex a tree, which is loosing their leaves time too time.   

What I like about the sound that is:
1. Fits the game very well, it’s not any loud or very high pitch that can make you go nuts, like kid games with all this very high pitch kids screaming and being happy, after all, this game could be great for kids and you can still play this game without sound and not really loosing any game play or story, the sound enhances the experience.

2. The background sound is very soft and you barley notice it, which is great and doesn’t make you get separated from the game and not turning it off for being annoying.

See! He really wants to get thrown into
the that ring of almost DEATH

What do I think? It’s a cute game with great animation, it’s a bit tricky to get in and use to the controls, but when you are used to it, it goes by really well. I think the waiting time for equipments is a bit to long. I know this is to convince you as a player to buy diamonds and pay for getting the equipment faster and I can see that they want to make money. They need to buy sandwiches, I heard programmer eats a lot of sandwiches. You don’t want to use diamonds and if you haven’t understood that already… either you skipped down here or you can't read English… why are you then reading this? Makes no sense…

Love the mechanics of pushing/dragging/lifting/THROWING him around and how the animation goes well with the rag doll effects, blending very well together. I call this a good game that is very casual and fun and if you can’t train with any equipment, why not play around with your ninja?

 High five! You made it!

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