Thursday, 5 September 2013

Victory Square Games

Victory Square Games
Watson_Logo_Black copy I have been for a month at VSG now. It has been a good time, it’s great place to be, new start up with new fresh people who are different background, everything from Q/A from EA to people that was freelancing, coming under one roof to create indie games. We have three projects running so far and we are getting more people in every month.

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The one that is on the big focus right now is “Elementary, my dear Holmes!”, we have currently 16 days to go on our kickstarter and we have passed our goal. You can find the kickstarter page here: Kickstarter

It will be a 2D point & click adventure game where Watson is the main character and Sherlock is an annoying person who dosn't really know anything and likes to smoke... stuff... =)

What have I been doing at VSG? It has been a lot with the kickstarter, communicate with people who are pledging, with other companies doing kickstarters too work our some cross promotion, keeping an eye on forums around to promote the kickstarter and see if people have questions and kill fires before the blow up to become danger. I did the filming and editing for the original video that got posted for the kickstarter, which was great fun.


What have I learned?
I really understand now how much time and effort it takes to create a successful kickstarter, it’s not something you put up in a week, you really need to sit down, figure out what you are going to give people, best is digital, since it’s easy to distribute. If you have things you have to send to people, it will reacquires a lot of man hours to order everything and then send it away, not talking a lot of money to send it to everyone. Also, lets not forget all the time you need to put down on the kickstarter, answering questions, reaching out to your audience and find where they are. We had a person who been commenting about our kickstarter not being a valid kickstarter, that our pledger are fake and other things to. Requires a lot of thinking and strategy to get that fire to calm down and then the time to repair your reputation about the project and you as a company.

It have been a really learning experience at VSG and I enjoy working there. We have got our Facebook page up and running as well: Facebook

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