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The Blue Code - Pre-Production

The Blue Code – Pre-Production

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The Blue Code is going along on rail, it’s not the fastest train, not the safest, but it would say it’s one of the most interesting trains out there. Why? It’s probably for me, my team, close friend and my parents, that’s partly why I’m writing about the project here, to make you interested in our train as well, wanting to take you for a ride to get to the final destination.

One thing I have learned now is that Pre-Production is really important, didn’t really understand it before, even if the instructors were beating our heads with it. Why? They hold our hands through the projects, now when I’m doing my own thing and I want to jump on a fast train with very rough train tracks, not the best idea.

Dunbar_Tracks What was I doing?
I was going into Production before I had nailed down the story and how the quest and characters would act and behave. Meaning a lot of things would probably needed to be re-done or scraped all together throughout the project when not having a clear goal.

What stopped me?
My mentor, Kelly Fennig, great guy who worked on different studios like Slant Six Games, United Front Games as a producer. I’m really happy having him as support and talk about different ideas. He more or less took my train and stopped it, made me look at my tracks and now they are almost as straight as you can get a student project.


I also re construct how the project is structured, in the sense of going from normal project where you set the goal and let people work from that, we are now working with Agile. Our project manager had one term of Agile, but it was vague and didn’t get a hang of it. Kelly helped me to understand it and how do work with it. We are meeting once a week, started last Monday, talking about the project, deciding what will happen and what we will do for next week.

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With the first meeting, we talked about the game, what it’s about, what quest is there and who are the characters. Getting the team on the same train, I was afraid of doing this, thinking that the team was not interested or wanting to invest time into it. Which is terrible wrong and as a producer, you should not think that way. I want to share the project with people and want to make the team involved with it, develop and create something together that we can be proud and wanting to share with other people.


This ended up talking a lot about train tracks! I like them, meaning you are on your way somewhere.

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  1. Interesting! Im sure you realize and learn how to implement what you learn in class a lot better from working with this project! Im excited to play it when ready!! So get-er-don-already!!