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The Blue Code - Beginning Dev

The Blue Code - Beginning Dev

It has been taking me a long while to write this, but finally I’m sitting down and taking the time to write down and describe what this project foretells.

Let start with why I’m doing this!
I’m in Term 5 (every term in Entertainment Business Management – EBM, is 2 months, meaning I’m 8-9 months into the program) and in term 4 we started to figure out what we would do for our final project. We have around 2-3 months to produce anything we want, as long as we are producing it. A lot of people are doing some kind of film, trailer, instructional video, music video and more it’s after all Vancouver Film School, some create a event or doing a well structured business plan about there company they want to create. When succeeding in creating this proof of concept, this will be the first game that EBM has produced as a final project and taking further then just prototype.


[caption id="attachment_643" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Blue Code The Blue Code[/caption]

First EBM produced game?
I’m I doing this just because this will be the first game produced by EBM? No, I’m doing this because I lost my passion for gaming, that’s another story. But everything has been leading me back to gaming and I have accepted with a big smile that I will continue with gaming and be damn proud of it. I picked a 2D point & Click adventure game for a couple of different reasons:

- I love story! A compelling and interesting story with character development through the story is something that I always like and something that I feel we are forgetting today with all the cool technology we have today to create stunning visuals.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]machinarium[/caption]

- Point & Click is a simple mechanic and makes it easier for player to come into the game and games like “The Night of The Rabbit” and “Machinarium” got me stuck into “Point and Click adventure games”, I’m in the process of playing Full Throttle, Sam & Max, Monkey Island and other good old Point & Click adventure games.

- 2D, it’s something magical with 2D, look at the old classic Disney movies that feeling is hard to get with 3D or in live action. It’s also easier and you need less people to create something that are beautiful and nice for the eyes to look at.

The Story?
The Blue Code is happening in a land in-between Blueberry land and Raspberry land, to continents that have same tension as Russia and USA during the cold war. This is a land that no one knows the name of and is ruled by the Mad King, some says he has magical powers and some say it’s his madness that made his country really difficult to find. In this land we have the player, who will soon have a name, a real one, like John, but a girls name, like Lisa, lets call the player Lisa for now.

[caption id="attachment_645" align="aligncenter" width="225"]MainCharacter-Lisa? Sketch MainCharacter-Lisa?[/caption]

Player, I mean Lisa?
You start of been showed that you have this fantastic time with your partner, you are holding hand, walking around in the small village ruled by the mad king, you are reading books together, making food and having a romantic and I most dare to say, perfect relation. Suddenly one day when you wake up, you see a shadow escaping the door and your partner is gone. On top of that, when you are on your way to find out where he went, a glitch, also named Glitch appears, making fun of you loosing your partner. It’s pretty skilled being able to lose you partner just like that. This will be your sidekick that will either annoy or help you through out the game. First suggestion is to go and have a talk to the Mad King…

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  1. Sounds awesome! The heroine looks preeetty boss.