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Lego Smartphone - phonebloks

You buying a new phone every year or two years?

You don’t really mind that if your phone breaks, you just get a new one.phonebloks-640x353

There is a new concept of a phone, it’s like a normal smart phone, have touch screen, and battery, camera and all those things you would expect it to have. But, what is the different?

Imagine Lego combined this with a smart phone, and then you get “Phonebloks”. It’s a prototype, which is trying to get reach there “thunderclap”, imagine kickstarter, but you exchange the money to social media reach out from people instead; you help them to spread the word. The man behind Phonebloks is Dave Hakkens, he believes and studies have proven that we live in a world where we just through away things when we feel they are not use anymore or something new has come to market.

Dave Hakkens idea is to change this, he wants to create a phone where if your phone gets slow, you can easily remove the CPU and upgrade it or if you want a better camera, you can remove the old one and add a new one. It’s like when you are taking Lego pieces from your brother/sister or friend, because they got better pieces. To upgrade your phone with new hardware, you will potentially access a hardware store, like app store, but now you are accessing hardware to upgrade or change your phone. All this to save us from wasting more, mobile phone is getting to be one of the biggest wastes of human kind.

So… where is this phone? It sounds to good to be true! Lets save the world!


Slow down now partner, first of all, the idea itself is great, saving a lot of waste to keep everything alive. Lets break it down.

- You get your phone and you exchange a part that is 4x4 in size and you want to exchange it with a part that is 3x3. Now you have a hole in in the back of your phone and probably need to change other items to make it fit. This mean you by even more parts and creating more waste.

- You have different brands creating modules for the phone, how will people work around with the compatibility problem that will come up, will someone control who is able to create modules? Will it be within a framework? Will a specific color be determined?

- The board it self will wear of over time, having all this different modules installed and removed.

- It’s ugly, today design is such a big thing in our lives and having something that looks it’s take from the 80’s, not going to work for many people.


- What happens when the phone can’t support the speed for the modules? The technology goes really fast and then you will need to exchange the motherboard and all the parts with it.

Why I’m I writing about this then?

Because I like the way he is thinking, instead of making a Phonebloks, we should start looking into a better way of recycling phones, making them out of better material or even someone start making a phone that will last longer then a year, yes, it will cost more, but will last longer. Or someone create an easy way to access certain parts of the phone, for the one who loves technology, making it possible to lift of the back and exchange ex cpu, battery, ram, HDD etc.


The big thing is to make the mobile phone more environmental friendly, easier to recycle, have a program where you can exchange for a newer phone for a cost, the older phone will either be repaired, fixed up or recycled to become a new phone.

Do you think Phonebloks could work? What is a better idea for smart phones?


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