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Controlling Brain

Controlling Brain

Researcher at University of Washington have successfully have person A controlling persons B’s hand. The test is to make the sender (A) send signal to the receiver (B) to press a key on the keyboard that makes it fire a cannon inside a game. The sender is connected with something that is called Brain-Computer interface (BCI) and that sends A’s activities to a computer that register and reads what A was doing, sends it over internet to the receiver’s (B) computer, which sends the information to a transcranial magnetic simulation (TMS) machine. TMS uses electromagnetic inductor to replicate the thought to make B do the hand movement. From that A is sending B is receiving and doing the action almost simultaneou

How the set up works

People have always been interested how the brain works through time, 1543 Andreas Vesalius explained how the brain looked like. The Roman physician Galen (AD129) also talked and argued about the importance of the brain. Also peoples interest of manipulating others, example when they back in 1960’s separate the brain half to calm patients that was thought to be mental. Always lying in humans nature to be curious, to have control and power, which been leading to our developments through out history.

The technology is there, the tools we are using to make this happen is there, now they will work on making it smaller, try to make a two-way communication between people. This will start to scare and fascinate people that we are able to read the brain knowledge as much as we can do now, still scary of, what will happen next? Will be loosing the control off our lives? This is also great implementing for people who are paralyzed, they can now control mechanic arms with their thoughts. Link: Remind a lot about Start Wars when Lukas is getting his new arm.

Further ahead I can see the technology getting smaller, there is a wireless, implanted brain-computer interface that is being successfully implanted in animals, pigs and now they are going to try it out on humans. Link to article: Meaning you will be a real walking, talking computer. I can see how this will be able to connect to example Google glasses and with your thoughts you can send information to other peoples Facebook, sending E-mail, taking picture etc, without even have to press or move.

Which will also scare me, since now you are connected with a device that is connected to the Internet. And everything that is connected to the Internet can be hacked. Meaning the security for this has to be on a higher-level security. They might be on a breakthrough that could lead to bring quantum encryption to smartphones. Still the possibility that someone hacking into your brain and making you move and talk they want you to.

Russia, China and USA would love to have a chip implemented in each and everyone brain, being able to control and getting information from the user who is having this chip implanted. Would not surprise me that this would be mandatory in the near future, that every newborn will get a chip implemented into their head and we are able to control our lives through this chips.

What do I think about this?
This is impressive technology; it still scares me, a lot of countries wants to control their people and understand what they are thinking and wanting. It can be really great for people who are handicapped, being able to move again without the need of help and being able to live again and being able to be Dark Vader, who is not dreaming about that? Still scares me how much control you can get from this and how powerful this is, controlling another human being? Controlling another animal? I don’t know if we are supposed being able to do this.

Are we supposed to have this much control?

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