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Heroes II Black Dragon - Tattoo

Heroes II Black Dragon - Tattoo

I got my tattoo, long time waiting and I think it has been around 3 years of waiting and now it’s finally done and I’m ridiculous happy with it and I don’t feel like I want to have another one.

What is my Tattoo?

It’s from a game called Heroes II (Heroes of Might and Magic II) that was released back in 1996, at that time I was 8 years old. It’s a turn based computer game where you have your castle, you can build buildings to get access to new armies that you arm your hero with. Then you walk around on the map, gathering resources and mines to get more money to get bigger armies and get access to better units. Then you go and defeat or finish quest to complete the map.

Screen shot from Main Menu Heroes II

I remember first time playing the game, I was at my friend Ellinor’s place with her big brother who was around 6-7 years older then us, then my big and little brother was there as well. The Black Dragons in this game is the most powerful unit you can have and they have a code you can type in on your keyboard, which Ellinor’s brother told them, but not me, not even when I begged for it. But I meet Ellinor’s brother on the street in our small town Sigtuna and asked him about it, he draw up his sleeve and relives the code write on his forearm, 32167. With that code you get 5 black dragons.

Screen shoot from the castle where you can get Black Dragon

That’s my first experience with the Black Dragons, Heroes II have always been one of my favorite games, also the sequel Heroes III is on my top favorite games through all time. I’m still picking up both games now and then to remember the old days and play with some of my friends to kick some ass.

Trying out the design

When did I decide to make the tattoo?
I started to think about it around 5 years ago, no idea why I started to think about tattoo, remembering photoshoping a black dragon on my shoulder and showing it to one of my friends who thought it was real. After that it has stayed in my head and coming back stronger then other times. Now I’m “safe” in Canada with no parents who can stop be, no, it’s not that bad, my parents are the greatest, they would say their opinion but let me do what I feel is right.

Had my friend having her first tattoo and it woke up again, then a friend from my class had her first and I felt I really wanted mine, waiting for around 5 years, it’s time. I sit down with my class mate to check out different places around Vancouver, checking out peoples portfolios, writing address and names up. I came in to Gastown Tattoo, the person taking care of you was not the best suited, but it worked, mention that I had looked at Mitch’s portfolio ( and told him that I wanted to have him, Mitch takes a look at it and says “wow, that looks great, I can do that”, so I book time at “Gastown Tattoo”, waiting time 1.5month for Mitch.



The two designs I was picking from 

I also went to Adrenaline, meet a guy and he told me he could do it this Friday (This was a Tuesday) and was going to send me the outline tomorrow, I was a bit unsure, but said yes. Wednesday comes and goes, hear nothing, go by Thursday and he is not their, I send them an E-mail to tell them I want to change the time to next Friday. Then on Monday I go in to cancel my time and wanting my 50$ deposit back, they tell me the guy is not there and I have to come back when he is in, they tell me next day, I come in next day and he is not there and the third day I come back, I finally get my money back.

MitchKirilo_Dennis copy
Partner in crime

Then I checked a tattoo place out on Granville st, my friend recommended a really talented guy, but when showing it to him, he said, sure, I can do that. Felt it was just another work for him, so I decided to wait and I ended up with an awesome tattoo and I’m really happy that I did it at Gastown Tattoo with Mitch Kirilo, the pain changed from place to place, the tip of the things was a really pain filler and some of the lines hurt more then other, they had a sign which said "no crying" and I stood tall and pretended to be a man or something. The colouring for the most part was more relaxing and even a good feeling. Mitch is a great and friendly guy who likes what he is doing and he had a interest of doing my tattoo, it felt it was not just another job.

DSCF6951 copy
Tattoo day 2

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