Saturday, 3 August 2013

Game Night 6

Yes, it's blurry, but... it's nice and you get the point =)

Times goes really fast, already Game Night 6, it happen for a week ago, been busy with final project and getting the core team together, more about that in another post. Now I also learned to make my post in word first and then put them online, since word press likes to play with my feelings.

Back to Game Night, me and Shad tried again to hold it in the later part of the term, to have an opportunity for Game Designers to come with their Board Game that they have to design in term 1, I’m a bit jealous that they are able to do that, one day I will create my own board game as well. Anyhow, we have done this twice now, first time it was not a lot of people at all showing up. We hoped for more Game Designers to bring their games and show them off, but only two people with one game came along. This time we had more people showing up, but not really the turn around what it usually is.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great night, we played Fluxx, tried the game designers game, it’s based on deck of cards with some added cards. You need to collect points from mission cards, which is only four of them, faced up on the table, more is added when finished one mission. One mission was to get two pairs, if you get that, you receive the mission card with the X amount of points you get with it. Then you draw so you have your six cards in hand, then comes the great moment, you have to discard a card and you can lie about which card you discard and it’s up to the players to see if this person is lying or not. And then the round goes to the next person.

- Check if you can complete mission.
- Take up so you have 6 cards on hand if finished a mission

- Draw one new card
- Put down one card, lie or not to lie, that’s the question.


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