Sunday, 14 July 2013



First EBM and DD (Digital Design) slam ever in VFS history. A slam is when you get an objective, we had a fake TV-studio looking for a TV-show for smart 18-29 years old. We got the idea last Wednesday at 5pm, we got divided into team and now we have 45h to come up with a great pitch to sell our idea. Throughout the 45h some got 8h sleep, some got 12h and some more then that. I manage to get 12h and delivered everything on time. Had a great team who worked hard, we had great discussions about what to do and what not to do. They picked out team names, our became "Storage Warlords" great name, couldn't been better!

Our idea: "Reality TV show that hosts 2 professional stunt extreme sports men to mentor and train street performers to compete against each other for the best extreme sport/stunt performance. The grand prize is sponsorship."

In the end we got together a show bible, which was my biggest responsibility, having all the material in their about the show, target audience, mood board, why "Amped", transmedia and more. I also helped out with the presentation and also delivering the first part.


Here is a mock up for an example for the FaceBook page.

All and all, it was great 45h and you really got to know new people on another level and it was really interesting and a lot of hard work. Can't wait for next one

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