Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Donating Blood!


Finally, after a long time I could donate again! This time I was a bit more dizzy then usually, think it's because stress from school and waking up early after sleeping bad.
Got free cookies and juice after donating and got back to class a few minutes late which I already told the instructor that I could be a few minutes late.

It's a great thing to donate blood, you can safely donate every 56 day, they take almost half a liter of your blood, you regain the fluid within 24h. Best thing to do is drink a lot before donating blood and after, to help the body regain the fluid.

One donation can save up to three peoples life, it's like today's superhero, everyone can help saving lives and it doesn't requires a lot of time either. The needle doesn't hurt, the people working their are well train and really friendly as well. A good and positive atmosphere to be in + you get cookies :D and they have mango juice!

If you are thinking about donating blood, do it! =)

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