Sunday, 2 June 2013

Game Night + Whistler + Mounted Sword Fighting

Yes, a lot of things happen this weekend, lets start with Friday421334_548269275219077_684746377_nI played chess first time in a really long time, it was not as much people as it usually is, don't really know why, but I was happy playing chess, Dixiet and Akraham. After 9pm when VFS Cafe close down, we went to my play even more games, we played until 4am, was a great night and we had 5 people sleeping in a one bedroom apartment, good times.

Saturday I joined my second family up to Whistler, been up another summer before when my brother graduated from UBC. Great to see it again when you more familiar with Canada and things around Whistler. I also got crayons when we eat at the old spaghetti factory. I don't know if I want to eat there again, not really recommending it, the chicken was a bit plastic and I think I found a bit plastic in my food.

DSCF6664 copy DSCF6663 copySunday, today was a great day. Me and my friend went out to Richmond and we ride on horses, swung sword and also did normal sword fighting. It was great fun and such a experience. We did some really basic horse back riding, was great being on a horse again, last time was around 7 years ago. Vancouver star becoming picking up things I haven't done in a really long time, which is a great feeling. In the end, sword fighting is amazingly fun, the guys from Academie Duello is great people to be around, friendly and have a good sense of humor. A great weekend, that's what I had, if you haven't figured that our already.

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