Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Event = DONE!


Here is a picture from our event, it turned out really good, much better then we thought. It started of with one of the band cancelling 30min before show to start. Solved with the other two bands playing longer sets. It started of with not to much people, but the longer the night went on, the more people came along.

First we had Jess Cullen playing, good energy and had good jokes.

After Tommy Alto gave a great concert with energy right through, really got the crowed going. I was really happy having them there and they made the night to a great night. Our MC also made a great job and made the night to a fun night.

All this great things ended sadly with that someone pored hot sauce over the hallway and in the green room, which we had to clean up. Other then that it was a success, Chris from Music Heals was able to show up as well.

Also, Term 3 have ended and Term 4 is on it's way! Going to be great, we have game development class which is going to be great fun, hopefully we will develop a demo that we can share with you guys,

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