Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Volunteering work - Great experience, fun and good networking

Volunteering work - Great experience, fun and good networking
I'm started to volunteer more and more for different project and organizations around Vancouver. It started off with Canada Blood Service, ended up helping them since I donated blood in sweden and wanted to help out. It's not really possible to volunteer in Sweden in same way, since the Swedish government belives companies will use and abuse people for their benefits. I know it happens, but if you belive in a company/organization and their cause, you want to help and also it's partly up to yourself to understand the regilations regarding volunteering and what is expected from you and not.

Canada Blood service is a great place to volunteer, they take great care of you and appriciate your time and the help you donate. There is also different things you can do, everything from walking the streets, giving out fliers with coockies, having information booth, helping at the clinics to doing "whats your type" event, where you can determine peoples blood type, the most fun event.
I did volunteering for Vancouver Christmas Market 2012, I have different feelings regarding the market. I worked with helping people out with recycling, generally helping visitors getting around, doing surveys, also going around in a big ginger bread costume and hugging people, all hail hugs!

The market had a good feeling to it, felt like a German Christmas market, happy people and vendors. They where a bit unorganized and a bit to tough regarding rules, they didn't let us change cups that been bought inside the market with the one from the info booth. Making it hard for people getting in because they want EVERYONE to sign up for news letter, leaving a HUGE line with around 100-150 people wanting to come in. Is that really worth for it? And having people signing in on one iPad with bad internet connection... Even making children/kids to sign up as well... But the security guards was great bunch of people, some looked scary, but when you got to know them, a friendly bunch.

During the rainy period and when it was not a lot of people inside the market, I had the opportunity to talk to almost all vendors and people working their, some also shared their food/drinks, also how the market worked. You pay 1000$ to get a both and on top on that you paid 20% of your income every day to the market. I'm 90% sure off the 20%, I remember the number was really high. In a way in made the good feeling disappear when the market is really after just making money when they also have their own booth, making combos and having the best strategic locations. I think it would have a better and happier feeling if they would not give the feeling of ripping people off, also possible for people lowering their prices, afraid of not gaining enough money to go around with profit.

I did a few hours of volunteering for Vancouver Farmers Market, I had a hard time communicating with them, tried to get more hours and never really got any response from them.

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