Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Shoot day! - Compendium and Team Prometheus


7am: Getting over to Starbucks, to meet up with a friend and picking up donated coffee from StarBucks.

7:30am: Taking a cab over to Storyeum. Unpacking and start setting things up for breakfast, getting things from school, like jam, Nutella and croissant.

8:30am: People are starting to drop in.

9am: Safety meeting, I wish everyone welcome and we start blocking. After that I'm running around to get things we have forgot and making sure people are doing good.

11am: We start shooting and coffee runs out, getting coffee machines and start the coffee factory.

3pm: LUNCH! we had vegetarian and non vegetarian pasta with salad and home baked bread. People ate the food = me HAPPY! :D always been one of those things that I have been worried about and I want good food, since the crew is working for free and food is a great way to re-pay for everything and it seems that we succeeded.

4pm Green screen shoot, check!

5-8:30pm Main scene done, check!

IMG_4961Darren, me and Bob looking at something important, I promise

 8:30-9:30pm Set up light for hallway, we most finish before 10pm to not go overtime and start loosing money.

9:35pm Start shooting hallway.

9:45pm The Human and the henchmen rap for the day

9:58pm IT'S A WRAP! god damn what a feeling that was! Finishing on time, everything looks great! the actors are just showing off and being awesome! that what we suspected from them. Bob Woolsey was an great director, playing around with the actors and making sure they where giving the camera the best performance. It was a good day!

IMG_5003Our set

Here is a small time laps when breaking down our beautiful set

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