Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Website + new campus

Jay! Finally my website is complete, there is some updating left to do, but I felt I didn't want to wait any more and there will always be things to change, it's like owning a house, always something that you need to look after, change or anything. So now you are actually in my new website while you are reading this, exciting things and I hope you like the update.

And... first time I'm writing a blog and it will be posted on my website! That was one of the main reason I updated my website, I wanted to direct all traffic to one place. Feel better to have everything gather under one roof. Hard to get LinkedIn to be on my site as well, but who knows, maybe one day that will be possible.

We have also changed campus, now we are in the same campus as VFS Cafe and Digital Design, which is really exciting, meeting new people and also meeting old class mates from Foundation, a bit strange seeing there faces again from not seeing them at all. It's a really good thing.

And it's also a new Month! a lot of new things and soon it's a new day to.

I'm really happy how everything turned out and feedback is welcome regarding the website to

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