Monday, 6 May 2013

NDP - Vancouver Election


I'm not to interested in politics, so then you wonder, why does a Sweden even help in a election that he even can't vote in? Because I'm going to be the hero, running in and saving the beautiful lady that needs saving and then have some wild s... any how! I thought it's a good way to get acquainted with politics to throw myself into it.

Also I'm helping a friend who is Matt Toner's election organizer. I'm helping Matt toner party to help my friend, but also because I like Matt Toner as a person, not coming from politics, he saw a problem when his students from media school stopped coming with good news in the entertainment industry, specially the film, he reacted and wants to change the tax credits to make BC once again a attractive place to shoot future film, which is a great income for whole BC.

He also have a graduate degree in economics and what I understand, that has been one of NDP's weaker points and also worked with Bank of Canada. Matt is a business entrepreneur, latest company he started is Zero2Heroes, he is a guy who knows economics and business, important in today's environment, also that he is well known in the entertainment industry and knows a lot of people within it, a guy who understand the importance of the industry and how it can benefit BC.

So basically I'm not a person who knows a lot about politics, at least I'm trying to save the pretty maiden who is in need of saving... or something =)

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