Sunday, 12 May 2013

Meetings, Punks VS Lizards, NDP and AWESOME Card Hunter

Friday was school all day and then from 4pm to 8pm we had different meetings. The picture comes from our show and tell meeting that went really well. Great to get everyone together and see the excitement of getting the project closer to a goal and getting everyone on the same page on the project. Making sure we are on the right track.

We had a short meeting with our PA's to make sure they also know what is going on and what we are expect from them when they are going to help us out. We received what we wanted, took a bit to long and was a bit disorganization, we are learning and next meeting will be much better.

Punk VS Lizards
My friend called me out on to a set to help him out being a punk in a moshpit, great fun! After that I became an 80's metal head who got beaten by the punks, got head butted by a huge guy who looked really scary, but actually he was a actor from Australia who was a really nice person. To put it out there, most of the metal heads and punker have one of the most interesting views on life, politics in a good way and often in a way you never thought about before, great personality. The one thing that mostly people get frighten about is that they are often lost and no one who is more adult understands them. How do I know? I'm a metal head, been since I was 15-16 years old and I know how they feel. Wouldn't be the one I'm today if it was not for the metal culture.

You know the feeling when you are looking at something and you go:
Thats the feeling I got when I saw this amazing game called Card Hunter and the Card Hunter - Trailer
I always been interesting in role playing with dice and paper, first time I played was when I was around 10 years old, haven't played much in my life and I really wish to play even more and this game remind me of Dungeons & Dragons. Please check it out! =)

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