Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Election (Scrutineer) and a Squishable Richards


I was at a vote station today from 7:30-9pm, being a scrutineer, representative of the NDP. Basically after 8pm, doors closes and counting votes begins. My quest is to see that no vote is missing or something is miss calculated in any way. We where five people taking care of 11-12 different voting tables.

The liberal won the election, read it here
Don't know how I should feel, really got thrown into it.


A cool thing is that I got a "squishable-dick" in my mail! been waiting since I gave them all my money for their kickstarted project. ALso a T-shirt saying: "Everyone saw that the orphanage attacked me" and Richard is staying in the front with a  burning house in the background, it's art!

Check the comic out here: LFG Comic, you will not regret it!

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