Saturday, 27 April 2013

Term 2, VFS - EBM class review

Term 2… GO!

What did we do in general in term 2 at Entertainment Business Management

Now the The Blast Light episode is over and should be on YouTube for the public to view. This terms big project is The Compilation album, you connect with a charity, preferable one local, makes life easier for you. Then you will start calling and E-mailing people, asking them to give you a gratis (free) license for a song and then put it on the album. End of term2 you upload it to CD Baby and then SELL IT! God damn it! Sell even more! All the money goes to the charity that you have picked to support. That’s the biggest project during term 2 and you are starting to work on your compendium short film. This is the time for pre production, you are picking script, start doing auditions, small preparations.

Compendium in short is a high production value short film where you in small teams manage everything from writer, director, actors, scripts and much more. In term three you will go into more about set building and more practical things around shooting.

Anyhow, lets start with Pros:
It has been a good experience overall, interesting classes with negotiation, something that I want to do more and I need practice to feel more comfortable when the situation occur.  Distribution & Manufacturing was really interesting and compelling as well, same thing with “Strategy & Analysis” and “Social Responsibility”. Good classes with good and interesting information.

The general feeling was as a classmate/friend said, it’s like you have through our the courses a total of 2 interesting classes and the rest doesn’t really fit in or just to fill out the rest of the space. We are going to meet the head of the department to talk through term 2 and see what we can do for it and make sure our classes in the future will be better.

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