Monday, 1 April 2013

Simon Barry - Continuum

We had Simon Barry who came over to VFS and talk about his experience as a writer and producer, he got well known through the creation of Continuum. He really is a guy who has gone through a lot of things in his life, inspiring guy who never gave up. He talked about the time he was a writer, he gave some really important and interesting notes.

When you are going to pitch an idea, usually the meeting is one hour, that would be 15min pitch and then 45min selling your idea. You know that the people you are pitching for likes the idea when they are coming up with ideas regarding your pitch and questions if certain things are possible. In the questions you also have to think about not closing to many bridges and go to deep into the story, then they feel that they are not a part of it.

When you are writing or doing any kind of movie, focus on the character, let the character tell the story, not the visual effects, special effects or location or what ever else. Also with that in mind, think about what does people really like and aim to get as many people happy as possible and do not forget your self, or else you are doing it for the wrong reason.

We ended on that if you want to become a producer, then you better start producing short films, movies or what ever you can produce. Keep at it and when you comes to a curtain level, someone will pick you up and go: hey, your good, here is money and a script, make it work.

A few days a go I received a package and in it was this beautiful pieces of awesome things. It was from my little brother and his girlfriend, a birthday present gift, my birthday was back in January, but his idea was that it's boring to have birthday close to christmas, reasonable. 

What is this magical things? 
Lets start from the left, it's called "Messmör" and there is not english translation, it's kinda like butter, but has a toffy taste to it, really good stuff! Then we have the post card, the yellow text says "Chose the hard path of life", aimed for metal heads, if you don't understand, it's okey. 

Then we got StarCraft II Heard of the Swarm, the expansion to StarCraft II, haven't had time to play it jet, have installed it, can't wait to try it and finish the campaign =) The last thing is a Swedish candy, I still have some left, trying to save some. We will see how it goes. 

I also received so I can make sour milk, called "Fil" in swedish, it's like thick milk, not like cream, something in-between yoghurt and milk, really good and perfect for serials. 

Here is the view from my new place! 
My new roommate is great as well =) 

Another small thing, please like our FaceBook page for Music Heals Compilation album! 

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