Friday, 26 April 2013

Fan Expo and some other things

It has been a busy last few weeks, we have finally released our album *happy panda dance* and pandas are cool.

 Here is our beautiful artwork and also a link to our
album that is for sale: 

I have finished term 2, now only 4 terms left, times FLIES away, will do a separate post about term 2, pros and cons.

Fan Expo :D don't really know what to say more then it was such amazing fun! Bought to many things, which the event is made for. Here is some pictures:
 Reem looked pretty as usual =)
Hockey is a big thing in Vancouver...

They have easter in Halo as well

Cute steampunk

People who dub Black Lagoon, great people and a lot of fun.
Talked a lot about how it's being voice actor and other things they have worked on.

Reem joined Ghost Busters

Happy times!  Lar... he is awesome!

We found the ring... is that a cane? 

Tom Savini's Q&A, Great Fun!

This guy shows up and everyone goes crazy...
I think he is from some TV-show or something...

Yes, I have worked on my website, been going slow, I'm getting there. But I have planted some seed to grow some tomatoes and some herbs :D

Dennis HeroBiX Thisner

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