Tuesday, 9 April 2013

CallBack + Mastering Album

We had our callbacks today, took a bit longer then we thought, we but had some really good talents coming through. Like always, you get some great talents, but sadly they don't fit the universe or part that we are looking for. We have nailed down the actors/actress we are looking for in our parts. This is really exciting, feels like we are on a good way and we agree with everything when we are deciding what we want. As Bob said: We just have really good taste

Our CD is Mastered! A big thanks to Alex who helped us out with this. We ended up with 12 amazing tracks, sadly we are only allowed to sell it within Canada. Will soon tell what tracks and artist that will be on the CD. If you are from outside Canada, give me a shout and we can fix a CD for you, price is not set, will be around 8-12 dollars for all 12 tracks.

Dennis HeroBiX Thisner
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