Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Website and 4th Game Night upcoming


I'm working on creating a new website with help of Wordpress, really easy making a website compared to making it from scratch with coding, sure, it's a greater feeling when you make it yourself, but now, when you make it yourself and it looks better, I can't complain about that feeling =)I'm planning to get it up and running within 2 weeks.

Also why I'm creating a new site is to merge my blog into my website, when I can get all traffic that way instead of spreading it over two places, much better =)

Here is a small sneak peak =)

 Game Night 4th edition is coming up the 22 of March
Going to be great doing the Game Night again, every time it's getting more and more people and there is a really interest to see who would join the next time. Also having an Digital Design person on the team as well who is going to help out creating amazing art for the next poster =) EXITING!

Yesterday we had class about script writing and we have Nicholas Humphries as an instructor, I really like VFS for that, we have great instructor, 90% of the time. Nicholas have done a lot of things through his life and have a lot of things on going as well, you can check him out more in IMDB:

Dennis HeroBiX Thisner

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