Sunday, 10 March 2013

Music Heals and Canadian Blood Service

We had a meeting with Music Heals last Friday, really great to meet face to face and really get things down on how the project will be run. Our group has already got around 4-5 licenses, we are just waiting to get the papers, but they said yes to us. Really looking forward to make this happen. And Chris from music heals has great energy, he lets us do what we do, supporting us and he knows a lot about music and marketing, an amazing guy and feels really awesome to be able to work with him. We came up with a lot of things we can do for the project and what we should do.

After that I made Mashed Potato with meat balls, had friends coming over, we played board games and drinking wine/beer. A really good friday in all, can't complain at all.

Board Gaming

Saturday I helped Canadian Blood Services with their "Whats your Type" event, we had 5 hours of getting people typed, within 4 people, we typed 180 people, really great outcome! Whats your type is basically that we pinch your finger, take a really small amount of blood, mix it with three different fluids and from that we can tell what blood type people are. 

After that I meet up with my friend and his family was here, we went out to an Indian restaurant and eat some great food. A really good weekend, today, Sunday it's all about school work. 

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