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Mac Book Pro Adapter + Want to be a producer?

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I'm going to start a series about Pre-Production for Film, would easily be applied for games as well. I will go through all the necessary steps to make a more successful shooting and hopefully a more successful film. Going to start with Producer and what we do.

But first I will show you this:
Charger - Apple Laptop

Someone had put this in the trash and the reason was because the cable was broken where it connects to the adapter. I love this kind of challenges, I picked it up, I went to the Apple store to see what they could do. They said: We can change it for a cost of 63$ (CAD) + tax, but we need to arrange a time with the Genius bar for that or you can buy a new one for 75$ (CAD) + tax. For me thats strange, I know fixing a cable is not that hard to do and you save the environment. But I guess it goes faster for them and less trouble just to exchange it or make you buy a new one. 

THIS IS A CALL TO ADVENTURE! something in a Heroes Journey, will explain about it later. 
The quest is to fix it. This means I'm having fun, learning more about Apple products, saving money and learning how to fix stuff, which is a good knowledge to have. I will keep you posted and tell you about how this story ends! 

A producer has different titles, deeding on production size and where in the world you go, the producer might have more or less responsibilities or things to take care of. In film you can take care of everything from releases, scheduling casting and other meetings, making sure people have all information that they need, find location and more. One thing that we can pin point down is that a producer is a manager. But… what does a manager do?

A manager is a facilitator, the person who has an overview over a project (or more projects) works with having a higher level view of the project(‘s), communicate with everyone and make sure they can work effectively, see where time is lost and make a change in it. Time = money! Other words, you need to know how to communicate and how to do it right. Are you shy? Afraid of hearing no? Afraid of being disliked? Step out of it! Or you will not go far as a producer.

That’s a really important skill for the Producer, to schedule. You don’t like scheduling and want to be a producer? You have to choices… Either you start to teach yourself how to schedule or… pick another career. It’s such an important tool in producing, having control over time and respect it, all about time management.

Then you are asking, how is this possible to do in a big project? You have to trust people… You need to start trusting people and in there expertise, even if you maybe have been a script writer before, leave the writer to do it magic and DON’T look over their shoulder and micro manage.

See that the product will be shipped, being emotional invested that the product will be shipped and not in the product it self. Everyone else in the team is in one way or another emotional invested in the project, but you have to be able to stand an look down at the project, being able to say no to the new freaking awesome graphic thingi that needs to be added, when you see that there is no time for that. Stand strong and say no to their new AWESOME THE GAME WILL NOT BE GOOD WITHOUT IT future if there is no time to implement it.  

Don't worry about not having an answer, don't rush things or you will make an idiot out of yourself. Tell them that it's a great idea and that you will be back with the answer soon. Sounds professional and makes you do less mistakes.

and lastly... hug your producer! He/she deserves it!

Extra Credits - So you want to be a producer. Great episode that talks about being a producer. They aim for the game industry, but can be applied for the film/music industry as well. Actually any industry, if you got the skills ;)

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