Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Insight for Game Industry

Cold Call

Today we did the cold call test, we called a person and asked about getting a license for a song. Funny enough they made it sound harder and tougher then it really was. It didn't really feel like it was in real, but it was still fun to do it to get a feeling for it. Everyone past it, we didn't get any feedback, which I want, I realized I was explaining to much and not really going straight to the point, need to re arrange my strategy a bit.

Music Heals
Had out first meeting with our contact person from Music Heals, good meeting where we got a lot done and we know better what we need to do and how to proceed. This was a phone meeting and this Friday we will meet at a Cafe and talk, main point is going to be regarding FaceBook and how we should use it in the best way possible, for us, VFS and for Music Heals.


I was talking to our Game instructor regarding my final project, wanted to know what I can do to prove the game industry that I'm OMFG IMBA AWESOME! yes, that's my goal, to be an OMFG IMBA AWESOME producer, you got to aim high to get where you want.

I really feel that I'm on the right spot and doing the right thing, my plan is to get to know the indie industry here in Vancouver, make a project proposal for a game, dig deep into how to make the game, the cost, how long it will take and the resources needed. Really felt how he got my energy back up again. Then we ended up talking about Dice, Sweden and then about metal. He is an great guy, dosn't feel at all that he is 40 years old, feels like he is around 25-30 year old. A great guy and I'm looking forward to having his classes.
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