Monday, 11 March 2013

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Compendium is getting closer, we had out first meeting with the team and we picked three interesting and different scripts. We are aiming to have a stronger story that is dark and compelling. A good way to pick script out from 44 scripts, was that we each picked out three favorites, talked about them and then we removed them we least liked, ended up with three really solid and good scripts.

This upcoming Friday we will work with Nicholas in script writing to work through the script do decide which one we can make.

When we have gone through the script, we will meet up with the director and go through the script and see what problems and opportunities we have. 

Now I will gladly present my team...
Team S Word is me, Devon, Tyler and Moon. I believe this is a great team that it really feels that we can go far with this compendium and we will kick the earlier compendiums... shinny metal ass!

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And here is the official FaceBook page

Just because I can, I will add The Blast Light episode I produced with Devon and Sun.
It's about GROK! the Vending Machine Orc, created by the great Daniel Silveira

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