Friday, 22 February 2013

VFS - EBM first term Review

Already two months? that went by really fast, lets give you a small structure of the first term of Entertainment Business Management at Vancouver Film School

Included in first term:
- We produced a behind the scene from a previous student work, to get into what you need to know and do for producing something, including all the paperwork, sadly, to do a professional piece, it's not just to run out there and do it. You need releases for everything + a bit more if you want to show case it without having a change to get sued

- Went trough Economics of Entertainment, really interesting to get an understanding, had trouble with all the new words, since this is really the first time I dig into economics, didn't do it in Sweden. But a great course to get understanding in Economics

- Licensing and contracts, great course to get an understanding the importance of contract

We had more classes, Team building was one, great course to understand how to work with a team in an effective way and making everyone a part of it. It's going to be long to talk about all of them

Lets start with the cons: 
- English as second languish, really hard to get all the new terms within economics and contracts, I still need to work on my vocabulary to get it so I can walk the walk and talk the talk.

- Had one instructor that wasn't being organized and bad in communication, hard to understand the instructor feedback when it's very "fluffy" and not straight to the point. It also felt like the instructor didn't know what they where talking about

- The class room is not the best place, strange layout and doesn't really feel fresh, the building is old but it works.

- General I really loved the course and what it thought me, a great class with amazing knowledge to share from all over the world and we are only 12 people, GREAT! :D

We have the head of the department to instruct us in one class, I do believe VFS does that for every program, which is great, you can meet them and get to know them and they get to know the new class as well. EBM feels much more like a big family, compared to Foundation of Visual Art and Design.

- The instructors are really amazing, I have mention one that's an exception, but VFS is really good to make changes and hopefully there will be a fast change there. Other wise the instructors are from the industry, knowing a lot of people and you can really start building great relation ships with them. In the end, you pay a lot of money for three things: the education, for VFS reputation and for the people you meet, not only the instructors. Today it's really important with connections all over the place.

- I really feel that I have a much better understanding of the industry all ready and that I'm on the right track. We have learned how to pitch and stand in front of the class to present, I love standing up and talking to people, great fun and I really want to make the people engaged in what I have to say, since I like to talk about things I care about.

In general, I'm really happy with my first term, which felt like 2 weeks. Going to be great to work with the Charity album and the compendium next week.

Picture of me during Compendium Pitch


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