Monday, 11 February 2013

Space Ship, Teapot, Survey + Swedish bands

This morning my friend sent me a link of a rocket launch at Nasa. There was only 3min left until it was going to be launched. The launch it self was really amazing, how they are able to shoot up this massive rocket with no wings up into space. The flames flying out from it and it went in 1700mph (2,735km/h) pretty fast I would say. I know we have been in space for a long time, I have watched a rocket launch before, but that was a really long time ago and I didn't think the same as I do now. Yes, believe it or not, we humans are still evolving, maybe it's not good and hopefully it's good, all depends on how you look at things and who you ask.

I bought a teapot :D Finally! Been here in Canada for almost 1.5 years and I can only drink one cup at the time, finally I can drink a lot :D I think it holds close to 1.5l of tea. My little brother told me that you should get one out of pottery, not plastic or glass, since the tea will be cold faster.

We are working on compendium, great experience for working in group and how it's developing better ideas, but still is taking time. I really like my group and we work well together, usually we end up arguing/discussing about two ideas, it's always a process, a fun and interesting process. We are now trying to figure out what people think about our idea and I would love if you guys could help me out in answering this survey, will only take you 5min and would mean a lot to me and my team.
LINK for Survey Thanks!

I was walking to school last week, I always walk to school, but this day I found an amazing thing. On one of the poster poles, there was to Swedish Metal bands beside each other. It was In Flames, playing 18 of Feb and Sabaton who is playing 13 of Feb. I haven't seen that before and I have been having an eye on the poster poles for interesting bands coming to Vancouver and I have never seen this happen before, I'm really amazed.

In Flames & Sabaton posters in Vancouver, BC

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