Saturday, 16 February 2013


I missed Sabaton with one day when I arrived to Vancouver October 2011, feels like it was longer since that time, time flies by. I'm really happy I could take a revenge this time and go there to support one off my favorite band. I left school, went home to change clothing, had small amount of time to get back in time for the meet and greed, gladly paid the 40$ for it, that is also usually what the tickets cost in Sweden. I miss the buss stop and have to half jogging back to the right venue where I meet up with a friend who is funny enough from Sweden.

Meet and Greed =) 

 The band really appreciated that we where from Sweden, supporting them and I got hugs from all of them, great that Snowy was there as well, former drummer from Dream Evil, one of the bands I have been growing up with. Next time I hope I have less school work to do, to be able to grab some beer with them.

 Inside I bought "Lion from the north" T-shirt and then I saw the singer, Britney from Unleash the Archer, a great person who is really easy to talk to and friendly, got there both albums for 20$ and got them signed a well, one of them with a smiley as well.

Unleash The Archer was first out and really gave a great show with great energy. They had no fence for the stage, which meant that you literately stood right in front of the stage, great time! Going to be really interesting to see what will happen to them and I really hope they are going to grow. They played one song from there upcoming album and it sounded really melodic and great! Unleashed the archer really played as a group, had great energy and you didn't want them to stop playing.

Unleash the Archer

The second band was Empyria and they didn't have not even the same energy and it was plain boring, feelt like they where playing individuality and not as a group.

Finally, Sabaton, don't really know what to say, they have a blast to a show every single time I have seen them and it's just great fun, they have great energy and the sound is great, Joakim is joking around on the stage and it's just a huge blast! =) Then was time to get home and do school work =)


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