Sunday, 3 February 2013

Host Shoot - The Blast Light

Last Saturday, the second of February 2013, we where shooting our host part for our Blast Light episode we are in the making of. I think I have mention the blast light before, but it's an ongoing web series that EBM student produce in groups an episode. Taking a VFS student (former or current) project, interviewing them and one of there mentors, then getting a host to introduce the show and there headline. Really great fun and been in a great group. Here is a picture from the shoot it self, when our group wrapped out part.

 Wrapping for Host shoot for the Blast Light

In economics of entertainment we are going to create an infogram of something that can relate to economics and entertainment. I have chosen Blizzard (creator of Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo series), I might include Bethsoft (creator of Eldar of Scrolls and Fallout series), comparing the net revenue, games they released, rating for the games and some just general fun facts. I found out Blizzard net revenue from 2006, found one fact from 2002, but it's really hard finding Blizzard economic financial stage before 2006, they merged with Activision 2008 and they had Blizzards net revenue for 2006 and forward, a friend might have an idea where to find the other years, got to keep fighting =)
 My wall in my apartment for the inforgram project

Here is the food I made today, don't know why I give it to you, but here we go =) It's curry chicken with red pepper in the sauce, with cocos and a salad including corn, tomatoes, cucumber and salad leafs. While eating that I watched Dr. Who, I'm on season 5, what an great TV-show, not a big fan of TV-shows, have a really hard time starting to watch new TV-shows, it took me over a year for my friends to convince me to watch Dr.Who. First season is not the best, but after that, just becomes better.
Foooood! =) 

Over and out my dear blueberries! =)


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