Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Growing Power for Social Media

Video regarding Social media today

We had Ryan Eves today in our classroom, works at Zero to Heroes and at Eruptive Social Games. Great guy and really interesting presentation regarding the power and the growing Social media, talking about how social media and games really start walking hand in hand. Probably will be the future of gaming, going to be more and more social interactive, over the net. The video I posted is really great proof of what I'm talking about, social media is really power, if you know how to handle it, there is just millions of people with many different ideas of how things should be, good luck containing it =) I will make it happen in the near future, how? that I'm working on, everything has it path. 

But with Ryan Eves class, I really feel that I'm on the right way in my life, it's an great path for me and it will be really interesting to see where I end up at. 

Today we visited the Game Design campus, game design would really be one of the courses at VFS that I would love to attend to, Sound Design is another one, but I don't really have any sound background, but I would had made it work anyway in one way or another, all you need is motivation
Me getting kicked by class mate

EBM 19

What I wanted to say is that again, going in the game campus that I would love to work with games in the future and as before, Special Effects lies close to my heart as well.


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