Monday, 25 February 2013

Charity Album & Compendium

Term 2 has started and it only has been a few hours of class, already we can really tell it will be very interesting and with the two big projects like Compendium and the Charity Album. Going to be very hectic, but damn it's going to be a lot of fun and challenging.

The compendium script is going to be due next Friday, had Borrowman talking to us and telling what the next step is, he is going to help us through the compendium, telling us what will happen and how everything works. Can't wait to get the script in hand and have the team get for one script, then everything will really get going.


The Charity Album, we are working with Music Heals and I'm going to be the contact people for this project, always like to have responsibility and I like meeting new people as well. The group is a good group and they are interested in the project as well. We now have a Facebook page, please click on the link and like it =)

and just for fun, here is a trailer where I did background acting and worked as a grip: Far Removed Trailer Right now, it's hitting several festivals, looking forward to see how it goes for it =) This is also the short where "received" a blowjob from another guy in the forest, this is not included in the trailer, you just have to wait nicely and eat a carrot =)


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