Monday, 21 January 2013

Game Night

Game Night is back! feels really good to take it out before dust has taken it grip on it. I was hoping doing it last November-December, I was out off school and my contact (sounds more cool in some sense then saying classmate or friend, don't ask me why, just does) had to leave and I got that news to late to be able to make the event happen.

But... now I'm back and now it will happen! It's only for VFS current students and alumni students

The Poster!

If I have time I will make a new poster for next event... maybe for the fifth, just to celebrate =) 
I also got "Ticket to Ride", "Apples to Apples" and "Risk Godstorm", love the name Godstorm! and love my building manager who gives me awesome board games :D Always wanted to play Ticket to Ride and the Godstorm is going to be sick, since it's risk and with gods... can't be better :D Apples to Apples, I don't really know, if it was blueberries I would have probably eaten the box, so thats good =) maybe the box taste good... hummm... interesting! 

And some fun facts about my weekend... I had fever! :D sweating like a pig for two nights, couldn't sleep for a whole night, haven't done it so far, but now I'm almost cure, now I only have the annoying couch, but thank god for Dreambuie, goes really nice down =) 
...and don't you dare feel sorry for me! I had an blast weekend, watched Dr.Who (season 4 = good stuff) and Video Game Higschool, I give 3.5 blueberries out of five, probably have to watch it again when I'm not having fever and just wanting to sleep, but that's details =) and I did some homework, got my old headphones fixed, there are people able to get you a new plug, amazing! 

Anyway, I could continue writing about random things, take care and eat blueberries, if not, send me some... A LOT! :D give me a blueberry tree :D



  1. GAAAMEEEE NIGHHTTTTT \o/ So excited!!! :D

  2. Video Game Highschool... Sounds intriguing.
    I'm guessing you feel better already. Don't have time for being sick right?

  3. soffor alltså...dem är jobbiga att bli av med! (couch) hihiiii ;)

  4. Dennis,
    I hope your illness is over,come see me today after 2, I will have a surprise for you.....Inez