Friday, 11 January 2013

Entertainment Business Management

My family is all back to where they was before the got to Canada, there been a couple of times where I really miss them. I know they always will be there for me, but after being so close for almost a month, feels strange not having them around.

I have started EBM now and I feel really exited! The class is really great, 12 people with people from China, South Korea, India, Mexico, Canada and Sweden, just what an amazing and interesting bunch of people. The big differences from the Foundation course is that the class is more then half the size. Peoples are older, so instead of having more then half the class being around 19 years old, we are more around 24 years old and everyone with different background, feels really great, we are more on the same level all of us. Then, the instructors where really good in Foundation, but now... Wow! they are really good, direct from industry with an really passion to teach. They make all the subjects really great and interesting, you really want to learn.

We already got projects going, the closes now is something called "The Blast Light", it's an ongoing web series that we will create episodes for. [Blast Light link] Blast Light purpose for each episode is to take a students project from VFS and do a behind the scene, ask the student about the project and aim to really show what the project is. We have got our great subject, a friend of mine, will not tell you more then the rest of my group liked him and for half an hour ago I got an E-mail from his mentor and he wants to help us out as well.

There is a lot of things happening, all posotive things and to write about everything would take a lot of time, but I can mention some cool stuff before you get to read about an assignment I did.

Another project that we have started on is Charity Compilation Album. The goal is to get a charity and then contact artists to get the rights to their songs, create a complete album of at least 10 song, publish it online and then spread the word about this album. All the money that the album will bring in will go to the Charity that we choose. Going to be great lot of fun! Hoping to work with independent artist, to help promote them and there hard work.

Another thing is... COMPENDIUM! will tell you more about that later =) here is from an assignment, some glossary about film:

Pickups (Definition)
AKA: Picked up
Movies made by one studio that have been acquired by another. Alternately, any footage shot after production wraps. See also additional photography.

Pickups (my definition)
When you shot your hole movie or parts of it, you realize you missed your money shot, the medium shot and close up of when your beautiful main female character realizes that her magazine is stolen by a dog, I do believe you will make movies with a better key story, but anyway, then you need to do pickups. You go back to set, set up everything as it was before and shoot it again.

A bit tricky if you need to set up light in the exact way, or things have been moved around, your shooting outdoors, you first shoot in sun and now it’s raining. All depending on your budget, Hollywood have the money to create it from thin air, I think they got connections with the weather gods.

C47 (Definition)
The term "C47" was coined in 1984 at SOS Productions in Columbus Ohio in an attempt to make it sound less mundane than a clothespin. On a film shoot for a large account Monte Sanborn and Chuck Dutrow came up with the name, C-47, to help the client have confidence in the production company. The name morphed through the years to include variations such as C-74. The term C-47 was arrived at by using the "C" from Chuck and Monte's lucky number "47. Hundreds of crew members over the years learned the name and used it all over the country. Dutrow was later found dead, his body covered in clothespins. A suicide note clothespined to his body stated "I can't take all the fame over the C47, I must end it".

C47(my definition)
One thing that is a most to know on a set, when people want C47, they want a clothespin, the same thing you hang up your wet clothes on a line with. C47 is used to put different colors of gel or filters onto ex lights, since the lamp is getting really warm and C47 is made out of wood, they make an great team.

A common game on set is to see how many C47 you can put on a guy thats new on the set or new to the industry. So... watch your backs!

Martini Shot (Definition)
The last shot of the day's shoot... because the next "shot" is in a Martini glass.

Martini Shot
(my definition)
To get the crew’s last energy out from the day/night/morning, for the last shot, it’s called the “Martini shot”, because after that the party starts with some Martini and shots, get it?

Over and out! =)

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