Monday, 28 January 2013

Compendium and other stuff

This weekend has been other then relaxing. It has been fun with some up and downs. Friday was Game Night and it arrived around 45 people... that ladies and gentlemen is GREAT SUCCESS! we are getting closer to Draw By Night that has around 80-100 people.

After I tricked my friend to come over to see another friend, it was a surprise party for her. She is soon moving to Alberta to work and it was a great success this too. Happy times, when I got home around 1am I facebooked (sadly I didn't have his number) and asked if he was going to change time with me. I was going to help compendium shoot on Saturday first, then he wanted to change and that was fine with me. Now I wanted to double check, I sent the message, went to bed, put my alarm on 7am. I got up and I got a message from him that he didn't need to change anymore. Nothing else to do then to get going.

This day was a success to, I was a PA, helped where I could. It was a fun day, got asked to do some gripping for Monday shoot, help out a couple of hours in the morning, why not! and I also forgot my wallet at my friends place the day before.
A picture from the set
After I went to meet my friend with my wallet, then I traveled to another friend who had her birthday party. Got late so I stayed over and had a nice breakfast with them. One of them are Mexican and makes Mexican breakfast, beans and scramble eggs, it's jumi! Then I finally came home to do more homework.

This is around 30-35 letters, inside is my CV and resume + business card

Griping is great fun, this is Monday the 28 of January. The hours just flew by, but it looked great! After I bought some nice shirts from thrift store, love does places, you can find anything. Good for a student like me that doesn't have much money. I found a purple shirt :D like blueberry color. Had a "fika" (Swedish word to get a coffee) and then back to work. Doing project plan and trying to figure out what everything means. I realize that I have much to learn about the English languish, interesting and great lot of fun. and I was out running, first time in 10 days, damn fever! I run 5.69km in 29min and it was a great run, not to cold or to hot, I miss running, great way to release tension and just get away from everything for a short while, great stuff =)
Picture on the set from today, Monday

Over and out into the blueberry forest =) and talking about blueberries, my building manager gave me frozen blueberries :D I think she is hitting on me... maybe I should throw some stuff at her =) anyhow, she is AWESOME! =)

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  1. God Dennis! I have a son old enough to be your father but, were I of a certain age again, you would need to run faster.
    You would be a terrific catch for a smart girl.
    I am too old to even be a Cougar,maybe I could be a Mastodon?Long in the tooth,(an expression you can look up)....and slow moving.
    Did you try the b'berries?