Saturday, 5 January 2013

A new Year!

Been a while since I was here and wrote something, the last part of 2012 was a great time with a lot of things happening

I continue working for Vancouver Christmas Market and a few days at Canadian Blood Service, did as many days I could fit in. And around the 13 of December my brother and parents came over. We spend a lot of time with each other and visited some of my brothers friends and letting them meet people I have been spending time with.

Then we went up to whistler, what a great mountain, so much snow, I loved it! I haven't been skiing for around 7 years, my big brother took me out, great help to get back on my skis again. Not the best when he takes me up on a black slope, I'm able to get down... but... when it's really windy so they tell us in the lift, we have to be at least two to get up, then it's windy. You could only see a few meters in front of you. Not the happiest moment of my life, but after completing it, felt good and I did not hate my brother any more =) Just to put it out there, I never hated any of my family members, they are awesome! been times when you don't like them as much ;)

Second day went well until the trip before the last trip, I fell, landed in the snow, no problems there, then I feel how my ski hits my neck, right at and under the jaw of my right side. Lying in the snow, breathing and waiting for the pain to calm down. A nice soul from the lift ask if I'm alright, I answer that I'm good and thanks her. Then another nice soul gives me back my ski. I meet up with my brother a bit further down and we decide that we will ski home instead.

The 21 of December, we pick up our little brother. First time in 1.5 years the whole family is gathered and first time in 7-8 years that the whole family is on a ski trip together again. We ski, play card, eat great food, have some Christmas celebration the 23 of December. The weather has been good, no really sun, but the 24, the sun was shinning and it was a really good day. After a day of skiing we go back to Vancouver.

Here is a picture from our last day:

Big brother, dad, me, mother and little brother

My parents leave Vancouver a few days before New Year, me and my brother gets some friends over for New Year, was a clam and really good New Year.

Then school starts, finally starting EBM (Entertainment Business Management), it's a small class, only 12 people, really great! we get really well together immediately and feel like great people and all worries went trough the window. This year is going to be tough, but amazing! The class has each others back =)

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