Thursday, 17 January 2013


Humm... Business of Economic class and we had a quiz about the last classes and honestly, I did not prepare and sure, I can blame that english is my second languish, could go a far way, but I don't want to, I blame it on not being prepared. This is the first time at VFS I do not pass a test and usually I pass with good marginal, around 80% and up, but this time... did not turn out good at all, passing is 65% and I got 49.92%. I'm disappointed in my self letting this happen. Right now I'm writing in my blog, but also writing small cards to practice up this, I really need to get this going.

But lets end in a good way

We went to Holly North on a trip with the class. Great to see the place, they have a lot of makeup, smoking machines, snow machines, turning tables and other cool equipment. He was also working on the Olympic Games, organizing the opening and closing and everything between that had special effects.

Part of my class at Holly North

Great place to get different supplies for shooting film, not camera or lightning or clothing, more aiming for special effects. He was a good talker and had a lot to talk about.

Then we also had a guided tour in the Storyeum, which is a big underground studio that VFS has, that's where the compendium is going to be shot. A safety meeting, going to be a lot of fun, going to help building this weekend and then helping shooting next weekend.  

Over and out!

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  1. Dennis, you can do it. Such maturity! Everyone has disappointments,you learn from them.