Monday, 5 November 2012


My dad send me an article about a camera that takes pictures while your walking, partying, jogging, driving, what ever you feel like. It takes the pictures and send's them to a database under your login, organizing it and puts a place to the pictures as well, all nice and tidy.

Here is the article: it's in Swedish, but here is there website so you can check it out.

It's all about capturing your moments and in the end other people moments to, maybe people you never meet and will never meet. It feels that we are going into "big brother is watching" without thinking of it and we are the tool the government is using, that is taking everything into extreme, who knows, we might end up being really happy and getting flowers with this or finding our true love, you never know.

But what my little brother said about this was:
"Intressant hur man vill bevara ens varenda ögonblick i sitt liv.
Om man inte var så fokuserad på att bevara det så kanske man kunde leva det? Jag vet inte, jag kanske bara är gammalmodig"

Which means: 
"Interesting to see how people wants to captures there life moments.
If one would not be so focused on capturing your moments, maybe you would be able to experience them instead? I don't know, maybe I'm just old fashion"

and I really like what he said, we should stop carrying about capturing our moments, live them and then tell people about them, we are loosing our capability to express ourself in words when we use more and more pictures.

Long live life =)

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