Sunday, 4 November 2012

Klubb Kaskelot

Sweden, it's really great to be back! had a great time in Göteborg and been meeting a lot of friends and family, been a great time. I'm looking forward coming back to Vancouver

A sad thing that my big brother felt when he came back from his year in America, was that people did not ask him about it, he had been gone for a year and his friends is not asking or showing interest in how it was and things around it. I feel the same way, I don't really know why it's like that, maybe it's so different from everything else then in there life? hard to come up with questions? Jealousy? I don't really know, not that I dislike my friends in any way, just thought it would be more interest in it when I got back, I been study like hell for a year and I got another hell waiting for me when I start again in January, a really cool and promising hell that my goal is to rule it. So I guess I hoped for more interest, you can't get everything in life, so nothing to get fussy about =)

But... what about the name of this post

One of my best friends and another friend of our has started to DJ and I saw there poster and told my best friends, Oscar, that I can do there next poster and fix it up. It was really dull and boring, they could have done it in word for all I know. They are going to play next Friday here in Uppsala in Östgöta Nation, from 9PM to 1AM, yes, it's in Sweden, so if you have your way by Uppsala, get there, listen and watch them play =)

Here is the poster: 

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