Monday, 26 November 2012

Ginger bread costume + Volunteering

I have signed up to volunteer for Vancouver Christmas Market, which is a great market outside Queen Elisabeth Theatre, great food, great feeling with it, nice people and it's german inspired. First day I volunteered wearing a gingerbread costume. I was the girl and my comrade was the guy. The funny part was that I was around 10cm longer then him, ended up that the girl (me) was taller then the guy. Only a few notice, but it was fun anyway. Was running around, waving and hugging people. They taking pictures of me and family members. It was great a lot of fun. 

Today I was doing greeting people and as well helping people to recycle. I had the chance to meet a lot of the vendors, talking to other people, meet a few new interesting people as well. Was a really good day =) tried new food. If you are around you should come by, I got free ticket entrance as well for people who are interested =)

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