Monday, 12 November 2012

Back to Vancouver + Epica

After 2.5 Weeks in Sweden I'm back in Vancouver, been three days with good weather and now the rain is back, so now I recognize vancouver for it real glory =) It's good to be back, meet some friends, organize my apartment, formatting my old laptop and fixing up the last things for my music video.

I also went to see Epica playing here in Vancouver =) Insomnium started off, great melodic death metal from Finland, good show and great music. Then Alestorm came up, singer was really drunk, not surprised when it's Pirate Metal we are talking about. The crowed went crazy and people started crowed surfing, nothing wrong with any off it, problem was that people could not handle people crowed surfing, the guard was not trained and people was throwing people crowed surfing, which ends up people hurting them self. Twisted my whole body 90 degree and got a lot of pain in my neck, not the best thing. It's fine today at least. Anyhow, Alestorm putted on a good show, sad thing was that the speaker broke or something in the middle of the last song, only one speaker, so instead of finish it, the went off stage. 

Then we had Epcia, what an great show! they are playing really well together and putted on an amazing show and showing that they really love playing there music, an great evening =) 


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