Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sweden and Sabaton

Finally arrived home, came home, slept for an hour, got some food and then me, my little brother and our mother went to see Sabaton playing live. Wisdom and Eluvetie was support, just saw the last two songs from Wisdom, but they didn't have any really action going on, on the stage, just standing there. Was a bit boring, Eluvetie put on a great show, hard time to time to hear what he was singing, but a great show.

Sabaton comes up on the stage and what a show, everyone is sining on every song and it's just an great feeling with everything. Sabaton is really surprised for the feedback they received and it was just an amazing atmosphere, the best concert I been to and now a days I been to a few =) Great time! and my mom really liked it as well, her first really metal concert. Sabaton also got the great news that they sold gold in Sweden and is the best selling metal band, don't know if it's entirely true, not sure how they count things like that.
From STHLM and they even captured me as well

Monday and Tuesday I spend meeting up with some friends and today my friend from Switcherland is coming over, going to be great fun and we are going to Göteborg tomorrow =)

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