Monday, 8 October 2012

Stay a while and listen

Stay a while and listen

Last weekend was an interesting weekend, been busy with editing my fan made music video, it's coming along, but at the same time the time is running out to be finished with it, going to be a long week, filled with volunteering for Canadian Blood, getting educated to be able to do certain things like being in the clinic, first aid, have to take that to be able to do there's "Whats your type", which is when they set up a table, take a bit of blood, just a pinch on your finger, and with that they can tell what kind of blood group you are.

Anyhow, last weekend I was doing my first shift for Farmers Market, was standing at a cross road where they blocked off the road leading to the market for cars. So I was guiding traffic to an parking place, telling people good morning when coming in and general being nice and friendly. It was fun 3-4hours.

After I went to my friend who was in a biking accident, he likes to go on trails and somehow he crashed, feel over his bike, got a small hole in his stomach and broke is elbow. When he got home he didn't want to go to the hospital, he couldn't sleep during the night, so in the morning his girlfriend send him off to the hospital, luckily. He didn't need to "gipsa" his arm, they just gave him a support and they fixed together his stomach. Anyhow, he been in the hospital for a week and this was the day he was going to leave. His mother was also there, was a nice time, last time we meet was during a shoot.

Sunday was shooting, helping a friend from EBM (Entertainment Business Management) with he final, it's commercial about homeless cats, was an great crew and we also had an cat on set, which did what he wanted, but time to time did what we wanted it to do, which is always nice. We had the Twisted Twins for directing, which was really great, always like to meet girls who knows what they want, being really professional and just being awesome. Really cool thing is that they really think the like, you ask one off them one thing and then you hear the same answer coming from the other room. It was an really great time where I learned a lot =)

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