Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rainy shoot weekend and training

It was a long weekend, but it was very interesting and fun at the same time. I was helping out shooting a short film called "Far Removed". About an director getting sick and tired of making bad low budget crap movies, she freaks out during set and her producer ask her whats wrong, she explains and he asks: why don't you do something else? She explains about her dream that she is dressed in a tiger suit, in the forest and only lives on whats in the forest. The producer looks at her but agrees that they should do this. This was filmed on day one, I was doing PA work and was background actor as the boom guy. My only line was "speed", at least something :D

 The next day I was going to be a gay character, the producer asked me a before if I could do a gay scene with a friend of mine, she said that we where going to sit on a bench and just cuddle, I said no problems, sounds like fun. I found a copy of the script, started to read it and I started to like it, until I arrive to my part, I got interested and then when I read what I was going to do, the director in her tiger suit was going to sneak up upon us, while I was giving or receiving a blow job... I nodded for myself, sure... why the heck not...

 And it was raining, from afternoon to when we raped around 11-midnigt. My raincoat was SOCKED, was really nice coming home =) Went to school to edit my music video, started too put in effects in after effects, coming along really well. 

Sunday, day 2, raining from the morning and I forgot my rain jacket at home, but it worked out well. Our director was crawling in the forest in her tiger suit, it was an great day, afterwords, not as much fun on set. But totally worth the time and all the hard work put into it. I was doing PA and background acting today as well. I was an gay guy from the beginning, but my gay partner called in sick, so then the girl who was the jogger, she was asked to give me a fake blow job, she more or less freaked out... I maybe should have showered in the morning... who knows =) so in the end she did her jogging part. They decided that the producer would do the part instead and then it ended up being the first AD doing it instead. Yes, it was a bit occurred doing the scene, the director asked if I wanted to be out of focus and I answer, I don't care what you are doing, tell me what to do and I do it. She smiled and told me that she liked me =) In the end she got what she needed and she was really happy.

Day 1 we had a bigger crew, around 30people, today, sunday we where around 10, small and nice. Really looking forward to see the results of what this movie will become.
A tiger =) 

And today I was at training with Canadian Blood Services, so now I can do "WYT" and that is, Whats your type. Meaning that I can with some tools tell what kind of blood you have, A, B, O positive or negative =) Tomorrow I will go to an event and do it for real, going to be really exiting :D was really good training as well. 

After that I was giving away free cookies and telling people that they should donate. 

Then back to school and edit, first render with everything and everything was out of sync, so sync it, fix some other things, apply some other effects and now it's rendering again, doing it in low quality, the big rendering will happen tomorrow =) hopefully :P 

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