Monday, 8 October 2012

Night Shooting

Today, Saturday, I was out too Farmers Market, it was really nice since now you recognize faces and where able to talk more to some people, which is great and a lot of fun.

After that I went out too Richmond for a friend from EBM and her final film, "Don't hide it". This was an night shoot, we where shooting both Saturday and Sunday, which was very interesting, since it's my first night shoot. We started at 5PM and went on until 7AM. The crew is quite big, we are shooting in a big house in the outskirt of Richmond. The sad part is that every set up is taking so long time and some decisions is taking to long time, so the time just runs away, thats why we stopped shooting two hours late and had to move two scenes too the next day.

Today we started at 6PM, they had a pep talk about that we need to speed it up, which happen in at the first two scenes, then it went back to be slow again. They are doing a dinner scene with 6 actors and doing close up on all of them. So lightning is moved around all the time, more or less. But we are slowly getting there. I have learned a lot and again meet new interesting people along the way.

Today, which it's, will go to some friends and we will make an thanks giving meal together, I will make some kind of mashed potato, something with carrots and who knows =) going to be great too meet up with everyone again, some of them who is joining, I haven't seen them for over a year. It was in the end a great meal, TONS off food and great company =)

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