Thursday, 11 October 2012

Canadian Blood Services + First Aid

Hello there =)

Last Tuesday I was helping Canadian Blood Services out, I was giving away free cookies and telling people that they should donate blood. Found two girls giving away samples of some sort of tea that taste bad, but we combined out strengths and it was an success, not everyday you get free cookies and tea at the same time. It was some great time and some fun time =)

Also went climbing, start climbing at a place called Hive. Started a week ago, have been there now 5-6 times and it's so much fun! you can challenge yourself and you climb until you drop and then try to climb a bit more after a bit of rest. Going with some people from school and it's just a blast, really glad they dragged me there and now I try to convince everyone to come and climb :D

Today I went to S:T John, that is a place where they teach you things like First Aid. Was an great class with a really good instructor, was 14 people, two guys and the rest girls. Was a lot of laughter and many interesting facts and a great way to get really good knowledge about first aid. So now I really feel like I can help people in need and I passed the test, so I have the certificate now and can now get train for Canadian Blood Services to do Whats My Type. That is so I can check what kind of blood type people are =) 

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